🕤 A Later Date 🕤

a drawing of the site author


⬅ this is me, thinking about DILFs (Drafts I'd Like to Finish).

This spot is for banners and webring links if I ever get my friends to make websites

To Do

  • Add a light mode to work pages
  • Tweak page colors
  • Make a Collection Page for Wandering Stars
  • Upload Original Fiction
  • Crosspost some book reviews
  • Make a Character Masterlist 👀


📅 05.09.2021

Character database uploaded! Minor aesthetic changes made throughout site. Now I have no excuse to not get working on more content! Oh yeah! There's an easter egg on Lachlan's character page, hope you find it! (Hint: It's an undecorated text-link.)

📅 05.03.2021

Decided I'm not going to crosspost book reviews because they are already on my DW and GR + I think it'd become an overwhelming number of files for me to handle on this site.

📅 03.31.2021

Got a lot of stuff from the To Do list done! Tweaked colors, added a light mode to work pages for comfortable reading, uploaded my original fiction, and made the collection page for Wandering Stars! I really like how that page came out and it was fun making it! There's still some fic for that collection that I'm working on so not all the links go through to something, but most do. I also had a hell of a time trying to make every page responsive. Can't tell if it worked yet cuz the site isn't 100% updated on my phone, but here's hoping!

📅 03.29.2021

Website launched on neogeocities! and with most of my fics uploaded. I had a good time reading through the super old ones... lmao.